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USB TurnKey™

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USB TurnKey™ is embedded software that allows secure privileged-content management over a network. In other words, it unlocks your private web content for the user.

USB TurnKey™ also gives you control over restricted or exclusive content, while boosting user success with an easy to use solution. It allows you to offer documents and media to just the right people, and make it simple for them to gain access.

How does USB TurnKey™ work?

Each drive has a unique hardware ID. When the authentication service validates the appropriate ID, it grants access to your designated web content, whether it’s a web page or entire site. Data from the user’s subsequent activity is stored and can be downloaded and/or compiled into reports.

Examples of USB TurnKey™ application:

  •  Accountant gives TurnKeys to the clients, granting them secure on-demand access to their tax returns, and updates their records at will.
  •  Salesperson updates each member of his team with exclusive access to price lists and other important supplier information.
  • Musician distributes drives to promote the latest record, giving fans access to exclusive content and capturing their demographic and site behavior data.
  • Lawyer provides the clientele with instant, secure case file access from anywhere with a net connection.


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