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USB Flash Drive Recycling

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Recycle your USB Flash Drive and turn it into a Portable Learning Centre for 5-12 year-olds

RecycleUSB has teamed with Sugar Labs to recycle USB flash drives into a standalone computer system which can run from any computer.

Each donated drive is loaded with Sugar, making it Sugar on a Stick.  Sugar is a standalone computer operating system which runs off a USB flash drive. The Sugar Learning Platform is a free standalone computer environment, portable and interactive, which runs from a USB flash drive.

Here is how the USB flash drive recycling for Sugar works…  All old and unused USB sticks (minimum 1GB memory stick) that are sent to RecycleUSB.com undergo a low-level formatting to clean the drive of any data. Then the “Sugar On A Stick” operating system is loaded onto a donated USB flash drive to make the portable learning computer and the finished product is sent to Sugar Labs for deployment to any number of locations throughout the world, such as Peru, South Africa or Thailand.

Sugar Labs are a non-profit provider of the Sugar Learning Platform, making Sugar On A Stick available for free to anyone and everyone. Sugar on a Stick can be loaded onto an ordinary 1GB USB flash drive [or larger] and used to reboot any PC or netbook directly into the award-winning Sugar environment.

The Sugar Learning Platform is a computer environment composed of Activities designed to help children from 5 to 12 years of age learn together through rich-media expression. Sugar is the core component of a worldwide effort to provide every child with the opportunity for a quality education—it is currently used by nearly one-million children worldwide speaking 25 languages in over 40 countries. Sugar provides the means to help people lead fulfilling lives through access to a quality education that is currently missed by so many.

Source: www.recycleusb.com

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