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Preloaded USB Memory Stick

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Preloading the USB memory sticks with the clients content can sometimes be very interesting when the client has some interesting data or an application that runs of the USB memory stick. My favourite is definitely the last years USB memory key produced for the Irish Film Board with the video: Ireland on Film – Beautiful. I still enjoy it waching it today, and I hope you will to:

Preloading Files on USB Memory Stick: We can preload flashdrives with MP4 Video, Data, HTML, Weblinks, PDFs, PPT etc.
Drives can be partitioned with a read only (CDROM Partition) to prevent the user from deleting files
Autorun feature can be configured to direct a user to a website, run a presentation, video etc once the USB Key is installed
Autorun also can be set up to run a Client Specific Menu when installed

Running applications from the USB Key – see: www.u3.com

Sample Client Usage:
Irish Film Board: Preloaded USB Memory Sticks with Video Files of Movie Trailers produced in Ireland. The same promotional tool of the preloaded movie trailers is used at Cannes Film Festival.

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