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Calvin Klein USB sunglasses – hit or miss?

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Accoring to www.men.style.com the USB drive glasses will be available from ck Calvin Klein in October and will retail at $199. They feature a detachable arm that reveals a 4GB USB port for data storage.

Connect to a network with USB Flash Drive

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Connecting to a network can be easier and faster if using a USB Flash Drive with all the network settings. Simply have your USB drive ready and follow the steps offered in Windows.

Memory Stick Repair is a Feasible Option

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Repairing the USB Memory Stick is a feasible option. Read more about What Causes the USB Memory Stick Error Messages and USB Memory Stick Repairs Procedure .

Customised USB Memory Drive – modern age party favor?

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Application of customised USB Flash Drive gifts When thinking of customised USB Drives and accessories (lanyards and packaging) we are usually thinking of corporate gifts, marketing promotions and corporate branding. How about customised USB drives, nicely presented and with pre-loaded videos and photos of your dearest memories, for your family and friends? Think of any […]

Marketing through USB Flashdrive

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USB Flash Drive memory customisation in marketing and branding The use of USB Memory Drives in marketing and branding has become a first choice for many companies when it comes to conveying the right message, as it has a broad spectrum of applications. Logo Printing is probably the most common choice when it comes to […]

USB 3.0 or USB Superspeed

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The next generation of USB  – USB 3.0 or USB Superspeed The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was ranked as our top PC innovation of all time by MaximumPC and it is in everyday use by millions around the World. But what do you need to know about the next version of USB? USB 2.0 (otherwise […]

Share any USB Flash Drive over the Internet

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Share any USB Flash Drive over the Internet with Pogoplug The Pogoplug gadget delivers an easy way to share any USB Flash Drive over the Internet and it even works with iPhones. The device is just a white brick with one USB port, one Ethernet port, and one power cord. By inserting any USB Drive […]