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My favourite USB Memory Stick

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FlashDrive.ie carries a really large range of the products. Sometimes it is not that easy to name them, but in general those are the main shapes:
Memory Stick
Pen Drive
Credit Card USB Drive
Corporate Gift USB Drive

Besides those there is a whole range of the flash drive products where the USB sticks out from the most unusual places. My favourite from those non standard ones is the lanyard with the USB port that reveals itself when you detach the clip.

The USB flash drives are mostly made of plastic. The Corporate Gift USB Drives are usually made of metal, and sometimes are also covered in leather. My personal favourite is of course one of those nice looking ones. Here are the photos:

metal-usb-flash-drive1 My favourite USB Memory Stickusb-memory-stick-metal2 My favourite USB Memory Stick

It is made from metal (on the outside) and the shape slightly resembles the Zippo cigarette lighter. But then again it is not complete copy of the original design. It feels nice both in the hand and is easy to find in the pocket. The metal feels solid, so you get a feeling that the data on your memory stick will actually be protected. In fact there is almost a bit of the Army style in the way it looks.

I guess after seeing so many plastic USB Memory Sticks, the solid looking metal one just stands out.

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